What to do with leftover boxes

It’s common to see empty cardboard boxes after you’ve completed moving. This is the final task that you have to complete after weeks of moving-related tasks. One of the greatest benefits of cardboard moving boxes, however, is their ability to be recycled. Furthermore, cardboard is one of the easiest materials to dispose of. There are many good reasons for you to recycle cardboard moving boxes rather than just throwing them away.

  • It is possible to recycle cardboard. Recycling cardboard is easy and takes only 75% less energy than making new cardboard from raw materials.
  • Reusing cardboard is good for the environment. Reusing cardboard to make new cardboard is 50% more efficient than using raw materials.
  • Recycling cardboard reduces high cardboard consumption. Each year, the United States uses 100 billion boxes made of corrugated cardboard. Each ton of cardboard waste that is recycled instead of disposed of in landfills reduces the environmental impact.

While you might feel guilty about the cardboard pile you left behind after a move, you can make a difference by recycling it correctly. Here are some tips.

All of your boxes should be emptied.

  1. Recycling cardboard moving boxes is easier for you and your supplier of waste management. You can make sure that they are suitable for reuse by emptying each box completely and then laying each one flat. If a part of the box is damaged by water or other liquid, cut it off. Companies can’t recycle saturated cardboard even if it has dried.
  2. It’s not necessary to remove sticky labels or to pack tape before collapsing boxes. These can be easily removed at recycling facilities. If you have the time and desire to do so, it’s worth it.

Keep your boxes dry until you are ready to recycle them.

  1. You need to make sure that your boxes are dry after they’re used for moving. While you may be eager to get rid of your boxes, make sure they are stored somewhere that will keep them dry and safe until the day when recycling day arrives. Wet cardboard is not recyclable. Even small areas could make it impossible to recycle the entire box. If moisture is found in a box, you can cut it off to salvage the rest.

To ensure that you place boxes correctly, check with your waste management company.

  1. Even when collapsed, cardboard moving boxes can take up much space in recycling bins. However, not all waste management companies will take additional materials left out of the bin. Before you put out your broken-down boxes next to your recycling bin, make sure to call your waste management company to check if they will still take them. If they don’t, you can recycle the boxes in batches. You can put out the best-fitting items first and save the rest for the following week. You may also be able to find a drop-off location where all your moving boxes can be taken to be recycled.

Other uses of used cardboard boxes

There are many ways to recycle cardboard moving containers other than sending them to the recycling facility. These are some other uses for cardboard boxes that you might consider if you’re feeling creative.

You can compost them. You can add cardboard to a compost pile for gardening and mulch. It’s possible to add cardboard that has been wet to a compost pile and use it for mulch or gardening. You can also call nearby gardening centers or farms to inquire if you’d like to compost your cardboard. It can be donated to a compost facility (visit U.S. To find a composting center near you, visit the Composting Council website.

When painting, protect your floors. To paint walls in your new house, take apart your cardboard moving boxes. Then cut one of the folded seams off to make them as large as possible. As a protective layer, place them on the floor. Painter’s tape can be used to attach the cardboard to wood floors without causing damage.

Drawer dividers are a great idea. It’s a great time for organization, especially after moving. To make simple dividers, cut up some cardboard. This is a simple DIY project that will give life to old cardboard. You can find the steps.

These can be used for storage. There is always room for more storage. To give your cardboard moving boxes a fresh look and make them stronger, cover them in fabric. You can then store everything from clothes and toys in your pantry. Head here for a quick tutorial about how to transform cardboard boxes into functional and stylish storage cubes.

You can use them to store your car or garage. You don’t have to make your boxes look pretty. Instead, use them to store your car or garage.

Create a cat playhouse. You know your cat’s parents well enough to know that cardboard boxes are the best thing for their feline friends. You can leave a box out for your cat to enjoy. However, it’s possible to turn an old box into something fun for them by making windows out of cardboard and attaching several boxes together to create a fort. You can follow the directions by Martha Stewart Living or use your imagination to create something that your cat will love.

You can keep them for shipping. You can convert your cardboard moving boxes to shipping boxes if you have a business or just send many packages. Keep what you don’t need and then collapse them to make more space. Once it’s time for you to ship, just put the box back together and then use it as necessary.

The best thing about cardboard moving boxes? They can be reused many times after they’re used up. There are so many ways to recycle and reuse them that you don’t have to throw your boxes away. You can recycle your cardboard boxes or make them useful for your garden and home. Reusing them will make you feel good and help reduce the environmental impact of your move.

You don’t need to use cardboard for your move. You can save cardboard by using plastic moving containers.