The cost of your long distance move will be based on the weight of your shipment plus the distance from origin to destination. An accurate estimate is key to budgeting for your long distance move. Your A2E moving consultant will meet with you in your home to do a comprehensive item-by-item survey of exactly what needs to be moved. If it is not possible for them to see items stored at another location, be sure to provide a detailed list of these additional goods.


Over 150 Miles & Across Canada

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Our partnership with Great Canadian Van Lines allows us to deliver next level service to our valued customers. Working together for almost a decade now, we are proud to be a part of the bigger team with years of extensive experience and the outreach across all country. Ask us today about the special offer we provide on weekly departures across Canada.

"As Vancouver movers, Great Canadian Van Lines provides service throughout Canada and the United States. Our team is proud to serve the lower mainland, but we also serve as long distance movers to and from Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton , and every other major city. We're based in Vancouver, but we also have offices around the country, so don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking for a moving company anywhere in Canada."

Great Canadian Van Lines is being an outstanding member of the BBB, CAM, BMG and AMSA associations.


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The A2E moving consultant will explain each step of the moving process, including protection plan options for your possessions while they are in transit or in storage. Service options and a schedule for packing, loading and delivery will be established for your move. A pricing proposal for your long distance move will be prepared by your A2E moving consultant. The estimate will include the cost for all requested moving services such as transportation, packing, storage and replacement value protection for your shipment. The actual moving charges for a long distance move will be calculated once the truck is weighed, after your shipment is loaded. The pre-load weight is deducted from the post-load weight to determine the actual weight of your shipment. The actual weight is used to calculate your transportation charges.


After the estimate is done it's time to pack. If you decided to get our help with packing your households, our A2E professional movers will provided full service to prepare your things to move safely.


Long distance is a serious trip and should be planned thoroughly. Our trip advisors will discuss the details of the route and will take your suggestions if you will prefer to accompany the truck along to the final destination.


Once everything set, loaded and ready for the trip our professional A2E drivers will safely deliver your belongings to the planned destination. Once delivered to your new home, the final procedure of safe items unloading takes place.