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At A2E, we pride ourselves on maintaining transparency in all our moving policies, ensuring that our clients are well-informed at every stage of the process. Our commitment to integrity means that we do not levy any concealed moving fees. To better serve you, we offer complimentary detailed evaluations by our seasoned moving representatives upon request. Our team of interprovincial movers are consistently available to assist you in addressing your personal or business needs. 

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We are the best option for any B.C. Resident or business who are moving across the province or across Canada. You will find that our interprovincial moving company is a great choice. You can trust A2E to provide quality service and protect your belongings while moving. No matter how complicated your moving plan is, we can help you move just a few boxes or the entirety of all your possessions. As one of B.C.’s interprovincial moving companies, we will care for all your belongings. Furthermore, our pro moving consultant will watch over each item with stringent quality control standards during your move through Canada. A2E’s movers are 5-star rated cross-province movers and wish to make your moving experience highly enjoyable.


With just a single phone call, you can expect a member of our moving staff to arrive at your premises within an hour. At A2E, we strive to cater to your specific requirements and provide you with unparalleled moving support.

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Inter provincial moving (across Canada) is distinct from local moving, which occurs within the same metropolitan area of a province, or intraprovincial move, which involves transporting goods without crossing provincial borders. A Canada wide relocation can encompass inter-provincial moving, long-distance, or province-to-province move.

Intraprovincial moving, in essence, occurs when the move takes place within the confines of a single province, without traversing the border into another province in Canada. While this may seem straightforward, certain circumstances may cause what initially appears to be an intraprovincial move to be classified as interprovincial moving. For instance, if the most efficient route between your current and future residences involves moving across provincial lines. Due to factors such as inclement weather, natural disasters, or significant infrastructure repairs, the move would then be considered an interprovincial relocation.

As one of the premier moving companies in Canada, we specialize in cross-province, and interprovincial moving services; A2E Moving understands that each long-distance move is unique. Consequently, we diligently gather all pertinent information before providing you with a comprehensive moving quote.


Undeniably, moving throughout Canada can be a daunting experience, irrespective of whether it is an interprovincial or intraprovincial relocation. At the same time, the prospect of settling into a new home in a different part of Canada might be invigorating. However, the associated tasks of packing, loading, moving and unpacking can be formidable. At A2E our moving process is impeccable; we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy and professional interprovincial mover that can accommodate various moving needs, from relocating to another city to simply moving down the street.

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almost 2 easy are legitimate cross province movers

It is crucial that you can distinguish legitimate interprovincial moving companies in Canada from “rogue” movers. These movers are often not real and are known to hold personal property hostage in exchange for extra fees.

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Quality control and personal responsible is key to our companies work culture

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You can rely on us to make sure your belongings are safe and secure

Flexible schedule

We can work around your schedule to make sure your move is conducted on time

Affordable Moving

We understand you are looking for value; So we offer affordable services

Custom made interprovincial moving plans for you

Our long-distance moving quotes inside Canada are based on many factors. This allows you to receive a quote specific to your move. To determine the cost of your move, we will assess your belongings’ weight and volume and the distance involved.

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Trusted customer Reviews Of Our Business

At Almost 2 Easy Moving & Storage, we operate on a foundation of transparency and honesty. Our goal is not just to provide top-tier moving services, but also to foster trust and build lasting relationships with our clients. We understand the importance of real, unbiased moving customer reviews in helping us grow and maintain our high standards. As such, we take pride in sharing unfiltered, honest moving reviews from our customers. Below, you will find genuine testimonials from individuals and businesses we’ve had the privilege to move. These reviews are testament to our commitment to exceptional service, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Read on to learn about real experiences with Almost 2 Easy Moving & Storage. We’re confident they’ll give you a clear picture of what it’s like to entrust us with your moving needs.

Stefan Melideo
Stefan Melideo
Great local movers in Nanaimo I definitely recommend them!
Lee Odgers
Lee Odgers
I booked Almost 2 Easy in Nanaimo to move a large, high tech, heavy media center. So glad I did. The unit was much heavier and the move much more complicated than I thought it would be. The crew took time to disassemble and reassemble the unit as well as remove a door so that it would fit through. They were very careful and thoughtful with my move. Thanks guys!
Very helpful
Margaret Walker
Margaret Walker
Chad and his partner did an excellent job. They were right on time, had everything needed and were efficient. They went the extra mile to make the move go smoothly and make everything less stressful. Hopefully I will not need movers anytime soon but would definitely use Almost Too Easy again
Tim Yeung
Tim Yeung
Almost 2 Easy Moving in Nanaimo, BC has been immensely helpful with my moving needs. I've actually been a repeat customer for at least 4 or 5 moves at this point. They've been very responsive, fair with their pricing, and helpful with all of my moves. Chad in particular has been a constant during all of my moves and he is the reason why we keep coming back to Almost 2 Easy Moving over the years. If we ever need to move again, we'll know who to call.
Jennifer Beckerton
Jennifer Beckerton
We just moved from the Okanagan to Smithers, BC (11 hours North) - in January. We had a full-pack service and Cole and his crew were fantastic. They packed our belongings very well, impressed with how much care and effort they put it. We had filled two of Cole's trucks and they, and my husband and I (in separate vehicles) drove over two days to Smithers, in the middle of snowfall warnings - thankfully we all arrived safe and sound. They unpacked everything quickly and again, with great care. Cole and his team all had the same values - client satisfaction, which is such an important part of business. They were professional, personable, funny - it felt like they became part of our family. We are so thankful that for a long-haul move in the middle of winter, we had them on our team. They made a stressful life event not so stressful, thank you!
John Dunlop
John Dunlop
Excellent movers. They moved my 95 year old mother-in-law last week and I found them to be very professional, considerate and quick. They were very careful with the furniture which was all wrapped in moving blankets and tape. I highly recommend Almost 2 Easy Moving and Storage!
I moved at the end of July (2021) and like for most people, it was very hectic and stressful. In the past, I have always moved my stuff myself with the help of friends. However, this time I was moving away from everyone, and getting older, I decided to hire movers. I had no idea who to call. So I did what most people do in this situation and searched online. Well after reading all the negative, nightmare situations people had encountered with moving companies, my stress level increased considerably. It's funny, this one review stuck in my mind, the guy wrote something like "Cole and his pink truck get a new life" lol I thought to myself, I got to give this guy a try. Which to most, probably seemed like a dumb idea, but I realize how unreasonable people can be and then blame the company for their issues. Personally, I don't write many reviews and usually when I do, it's because I am angry. (Like many) But since my move went so excellent, I thought it would only be fair to write a review. I never met Cole, however, I did speak with him on a few occasions. I found him to be extremely polite and very accommodating, when close to my moving day, I needed to push the move a day later because of realty closing issues. I was surprised he was able to make that happen because I was moving at the end of the month. (Like everyone else). I was contacted to reconfirm my moving appointment, which I really appreciated. So to shorten this up, the movers showed up on time, (so sorry guys I forgot your names, but believe one was Chad) (left his card) Perhaps Cole can post their names because they both were excellent and deserve recognition. They worked hard, wrapped all my furniture... nothing missing, nothing damaged and they were extremely pleasant. So that people are aware I am a real customer, I will say the one negative I can think of... was they charged me 1and 3/4 hours travel time for a trip that normally takes an hour, however, they did ask me if that was fair ahead of time and I agreed because it was a holiday long weekend and the area I was moving to was quite hilly so it probably took that big truck a little longer to climb those hills. lol (and burned a lot of fuel) Plus my bill was what I expected, possible slightly less.Thanks so much Almost To Easy Moving. OH forgot to mention, this is Scott B