Last-Minute Relocations


One of the essential parts of every substantial move is planning, mapping and organizing the relocation. When you finally decide to move, you should prepare well in advance for this process. However, we cannot foresee some situations. For example, perhaps you have been forced to relocate on short notice due to a job promotion or family emergency. So, if planning is a crucial step to every successful move, what should you do in an emergency? There is a simple answer to this question, hire a professional mover. To move last-minute successfully without any issues, you must try Almost 2 Easy. Our highly trained, the time-efficient staff handles these situations all the time, and we are here to help your emergency transition to a new home seamless and stress-free. 

Almost 2 Easy Moving & Storage is one of the best moving companies in B.C., with local headquarters in Nanaimo, Kelowna and Kamloops, offering inter-provincial and cross-country removal services. When our company was founded, customers started noticing us and our services immediately. Our number one priority was to help people enjoy an easy relocation from the first day we started and continues today. Our mission was to show our customers that we could accomplish emergency moves easily with no hassle to our clients. We are very proud that our emergency move service is outstanding compared to our competitors in the moving industry. Our hard work and dedication have helped propel us to the top of the moving industry, especially when it comes to last-minute emergency removal services.

Most people think that emergency relocation services will be pretty pricey, especially if you have nothing prepared for your movers. However, Almost 2 Easy provides a quality service at a very affordable price! We strive to make all of our moving services affordable for the average person. Furthermore, our moving specialist will provide a detailed, transparent estimate without any last-minute hidden fees. Having all the information upfront is pivotal in planning and determining the right path to your new home and future!


Emergency moving services in B.C.
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